PKking Nine Balances – Nie Long

In addition to PKking’s new pictures for his Wu Yan sculpt, he also released new color pictures for his Nie Long work. At the moment I have no plans to acquire this work, but I do want to share this with you. PKking’s work is exceptional.

To view the sculptor’s work see PKking’s website. Or, take a look at the pictures that I have on hand here in the Gallery. Send me a note if you want contact information to order his work. Pictures are posted with permission.


PKking Nine Balances – Wu Yan

In July 2011, PKking indicated that he was taking preorders for his Nine Balances – Wu Yan sculpt. I ordered at this time. If you are also interested in this kit you might like to contact PKking directly to determine if he is still taking orders.

The selling price: 7000NT.   The pre-order price: 6500NT.   (Only:15 Quantity)   The scale is 1/7 and the number of parts is 63.

About the contact data there is simply no URL where you can preorder this sculpt. The normal way is to contact PKking via email and than send the payment to his paypal account. Here is the email adress from PKking: pkking1288[at]

Using simple English only, indicate that you want to preorder: 九天衡-閻武 (閻氏姐妹) The Nine Balance – Wu Yan (Yan Jiemei).

Update: December 15, 2011. PKking is shipping this Wu Yan sculpt. Preorder is finished.

PKking’s blog can be found here.

More photos of this work can be found here.

PKking Nine Balances – Sturgeon King (2)

PKking has assembled and painted his Sturgeon King model from his Nine Balances series. I am just now starting to assemble and create my own version of this wonderful model. Here are some colored pictures from his assembly that I will be using for reference. Pictures posted with permission.


Sturgeon King

For more pictures see the Gallery.

PKking Nine Balances – Sturgeon King

I have just ordered the Sturgeon King kit from PKking in Taiwan. He released this work in 2009 and it is called “The Balance of the Nine Skies – Sturgeon King”.

I have appreciated this model since it was first released. Apparently PKking is clearing out his stock of his old works and does not expect to cast any more, so I took the opportunity to order one of his final copies. As a figure modeler I may never be able to get another one of these works.

PK King’s blog can be found at

More photos of this work can be found here.

These are the model pieces. The base is cast from clear resin.

PKking Nine Balances – Nu Wa

There is a group of sculptors in Taiwan known as Davyace. One of the sculptors in the team is a person known as PKking. Here is a new work that he has released in 2010 called “The Balance of the Nine Skies – Nu Wa”. I have pre-ordered this and expect that the model may be cast and delivered sometime in the spring or summer of 2011.

I must admit that these pictures of the sculpts by PKking are impressive. I’m looking forward to assembling and painting this model.

PKking’s blog can be found at

More photos of this work can be found at here.

These are the model pieces. The pieces in the red box are cast from clear resin.