Fractal Image Generation

Breaking news! I have just redeveloped some of my old work with fractals.

This website is intended to explore interactive communication, so pop on over to my Fractals page under Projects. Have a go with my Fractal Image Explorer program that I just created. You can have a lot of fun with colorful and dynamic fractal images.  You may even see how some of the math behind all this magic works.

What follows are images of the Mandelbrot set. This is a rendering of the math that make fractal images possible.  Fractals contain self-replicating parts of themselves the further you look into them.  It’s like swimming into a vortex to infinity!  The image on the left is what is usually shown for the Mandelbrot set.  The image on the right is the same set but generated with very crude and limited detail.  The center image is a colored variation of a magnified fractal copy of the set in the upper filament.

Mandelbrot1 Mandelbrot2  Mandelbrot5

The images that now follow are mainly Julia set images that are all derived from the Mandelbrot set.  This type of art can be very colorful and beautiful.  The last image is taken from the Mandelbrot set.  All of these images were created by my fractal program.


Julia Sets


Julia Sets


Julia Sets


Julia Sets


Julia Sets


Mandelbrot Sets