Fireworks and Slot Machines

One of the themes of this website is to explore interactive communication using innovative technology. Marshall McLuhan in 1964 proposed that “The Medium is the Message”, and computing is certainly a new medium. Innovations with new HTML5 standards for web browsers, wireless communications, and Javascript programming of the document object model are all leading to new ways for making new messages.

So, in the interest of making my website more interactive, I thought to take the previously static images of my resin figure models that were on my front page and make them more dynamic by turning them into a slot machine.


Amaha Miu


Sturgeon King


Sena Airi

Yes, I make these figures

Sorry, but Javascript does not seem to be enabled. You can’t play my slots!

The slot machine implementation has six different images on each wheel, so the probability of seeing the same image on each wheel is 1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6, or one chance in 216. So, winning will not happen too frequently.

But, if you do win, then you should receive a special surprise. I thought fireworks would be appropriate. When researching a solution for this I discovered that that Paul Lewis, a new developer with Google has embraced the new HTML5 and CSS technologies. His work is moving the technology forward. What is interesting about his work is that he shows with his 3D experiments how the web browser can become the new development platform for dynamic new messaging.

Have a look. See the fireworks display.


What is also interesting is that you can see that the fireworks perform differently in different browsers. Animation and rendering of screens is computationally intensive.

For a description of the enhancements I made to the fireworks display, see my Fireworks page under Projects.