Work In Progress.  I build and paint anime resin figure models. These models are solid cast statues, frequently 1/8 or 1/6 real size, that are assembled from 10 – 20 parts. Many kits come from Japan. They are known as Garage Kits A garage kit is a scale model kit, often of a female anime character, produced by amateur hobbyists. The figure parts are most commonly cast in polyurethane resin. Originally garage kits were produced by dedicated hobbyists using their garages as workshops. As the market expanded professional companies began making similar kits. Sometimes a distinction is made between true garage kits, made by amateurs, and resin kits, manufactured commercially by larger companies..

Garage kits are manufactured in small production runs and are like a flower – they exist for a brief time and once they are gone all you have left are the memories.


Building resin models requires skill, artistry, and experience. I don’t think there is any one specific way to build models that is better than any other, but some ideas and techniques listed here may work for you. If nothing else, you might learn from some of the mistakes I have made and see how to avoid them yourself.

Featured Models


Amaha Miu


Sena Airi


Mirai Suenaga



Current Work In Progress

  • Miss Fairy (Final) April 29, 2013 This figure is now finished. I am not sure that I am completely satisfied with it, but so be it. What I really want to do is cast this figure in bronze, and that I will do once I have all my equipment.
  • Miss Fairy (Update 2) April 28, 2013 Here are some more progress pictures on this model. I had thought this was a fairly simple figure, but it was a recast and this takes a bit more work. The wings required extra support for pinning to the body. They were sprayed with Alclad II prismatic red to gold and also ...
  • Miss Fairy (Update 1) April 22, 2013 So here we are near the end of April, and I am finally doing some more work on Miss Fairy. Back in January I had put the Miss Fairy parts into silicon as I intend to recast her in bronze. It is time now to paint and assemble her, as I haven’t done ...
  • Miss Fairy (Beginning) January 23, 2013 Well, it is January of 2013, a brand new year, and it is now time to start a new resin figure model. A few months ago while shopping in an arts and crafts store I discovered a proper sized bird cage on clearance for a dollar or two. I realized that this would be a ...
  • Kanu Unchou Sangoku Version (Final) December 17, 2012 Well, it is now December.  I don’t know why it takes me so long to finish things?   But, I have finally completed Kanu’s horse.  It was not a particularly difficult task, but more so a question of focus.  There were many times that I did a little work on this, and then got distracted ...


Construction Photos

The following pictures show various models being constructed. These pictures will give you an idea of the processes involved in painting and assembling resin figure models. Painting resin models takes confidence and the ability to laugh at a mistake and try again. It should be fun, so if you are satisfied with your results or learn a new technique then be proud of your achievement.

Haruka Suzumiya

This is a commission work of Haruka Suzumiya that I did in 2003. I don’t have pictures of the final model posted in the Gallery. This is the single cast body part with the school uniform.

Asuka in School Uniform

Asuka in School Uniform was one of my earlier models. There is little color shading on the skin tones, but you can see the texture differences between the gloss shine on the shoes, the glow of the skin, and the flat texture of the clothes.

Tamaki Kousaka

Tamaki Kousaka was an interesting experiment with pearlescent paints. Note the difference between the white pearl on the top and the flat white of the socks. This picture also shows some work in progress on coloring the figure eyes.

Tamaki Kousaka

This is another construction photo of Tamaki Kousaka where I am showing her French Nails. There is a small defect in the palm of the hand that should have perhaps been filled, but this cannot be seen when the model is assembled.


Gianna is another example of the use of pearlescent paints for increased depth and color.


This is another construction picture of Gianna showing the dragon head. This was painted with a metallic bronze color and the scales were all highlighted with a thin black wash.

Rebecca Miyamoto

Rebecca Miyamoto is an interesting example of the use of an airbrush. The tiger stripes on her costume are all freehand painted in this way. You can also see that figures can be done in groups. Rebecca was built at the same time as Nijihara Ink.


This is another commission work that was done in 2003, of Mahoro (Automatic Maiden). Again, I don’t have pictures in the Gallery. The technique here required painting the stool with chrome for a high gloss finish. The stool had to be rotated slowly as the paint dried to prevent runs.

Asuka on Motorcycle

Asuka on Motorcycle was an interesting example of including a resin figure with a more traditional type of model. This model had almost 100 parts and it was a great puzzle to figure out how the motorcycle went together.

Asuka on Motorcycle

Asuka on Motorcycle was a bit of a challenge to assemble. Here, you can see where some pink shading was applied to her cheeks. This is one way to add some color and texture to a figure’s face.

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a perpetual 16 year old pop singer from the Vocaloid series. Resin figure models can contain decals, as shown here.

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