Sailor Moon

One of the more interesting facets of communication is writing.  Through the written word we have the opportunity to record knowledge and fact.

What is interesting is the idea of applying a function of truth or logic to any written work. We could then determine whether the writings have any value in the context of the problem we are considering. Think of automated processing of written works?  Perhaps then we could come up with some unambiguous measure of whether or not the work made sense?

What would happen if we now applied this measure to texts written by politicians, religious leaders, philosophers, scientists, and many other groups of people.  What do you think we might discover?

Please spend some time with my writings.  You can measure them for yourself and decide if they are fact or fantasy.


Intractable Problems

This is a series of short humorous essays that explore topics in computer science, logic, and mathematics.  If you have ever wondered why things never seem to quite add up then you might like to read these short literary sketches.


Personal Essays

These writings explore topics in my profession as a computer professional.  I  write these when certain discoveries in my career lead to clarity.  Many topics are pending, it is just that I haven’t found the time to put pen to paper.  Or is this an anachronism now, given all the tweets and twitters of today’s technology?

  • The Profit Motivation
  • Professional Integrity
  • Technology Dependency


Various Papers

Natural Language Understanding This report describes a project to implement the methods discussed by Allen for the problem of encoding a context free logical form representation of simple English language sentences. The goal has been to extend previous work on English language sentence parsing to the point where the resulting syntactic structure can be reduced to its context independent logical form. This representation will be used to study the context and knowledge based dependencies of the sentence meaning and to study how ambiguity can be resolved through context differences.
Intuitionistic Logic in Business Systems Business computer systems model the real world where the absolute truth cannot always be established. This can lead to different points of view and a problem with client satisfaction. We consider intuitionistic logic as a more natural way for a business system to implement situational reasoning and we show how a proposition and its refutation can be used to develop both a specialized and a generalized extension to a rule-based business model.
Operator Overloading in C This thesis is concerned with investigating an approach for adding problem notation to a computer language.  A method is proposed for modifying a programming language to fit problem notation by including the capability of defining a problem specific set of symbols or operators in the language.
Implementing Generalized Operator Overloading This paper, published in Software: Practice and Experience, presents a practical method of adding problem-specific notation to an established computer language. Our idea is to use unrestricted operator overloading as a tool to map the problem domain notation directly into an existing programming language.
Optimizing SQL Query Processing We show various classes of syntactically equivalent SQL queries, each of which can exhibit substantial differences in data access depending on the characteristics of the query formulation and the success of the database query optimizer. We conclude that on-line analytic processing systems must not depend on dynamic user specified SQL queries if consistent overall system performance is required.