Miss Fairy (Update 2)

Here are some more progress pictures on this model. I had thought this was a fairly simple figure, but it was a recast and this takes a bit more work.

The wings required extra support for pinning to the body. They were sprayed with Alclad II prismatic red to gold and also trimmed around the edges in gold.

The white trim on the bottom of her dress had to be heated and formed before it would come even close to fitting. And, the laces on her boots are not particularly well done.









Miss Fairy (Update 1)

So here we are near the end of April, and I am finally doing some more work on Miss Fairy. Back in January I had put the Miss Fairy parts into silicon as I intend to recast her in bronze. It is time now to paint and assemble her, as I haven’t done much modeling this year.

Some in-progress pictures follow. I am in the process of painting and shading the work.









Miss Fairy (Beginning)

Well, it is January of 2013, a brand new year, and it is now time to start a new resin figure model. A few months ago while shopping in an arts and crafts store I discovered a proper sized bird cage on clearance for a dollar or two. I realized that this would be a perfect base for a fairy.

I think the idea came to me from seeing Tinker Bell in Disneyland.



Now, a fairy is an interesting figure. I wanted to take silicon molds of the resin parts as I am working towards bronze casting my resin figures. I suspect I will cast this at some time.

Once I have the silicon molds I take wax impressions of the parts. It takes only a few moments to glue them together. This gives me an impression of what this will look like when finished.





Kanu Unchou Sangoku Version (Final)

Well, it is now December.  I don’t know why it takes me so long to finish things?   But, I have finally completed Kanu’s horse.  It was not a particularly difficult task, but more so a question of focus.  There were many times that I did a little work on this, and then got distracted or stopped work.  Perhaps the problem was that it all began with a fairly uninteresting base coated brown horse.



I began by darkening the horse’s mane and tail while thinking about a base.  The difficult part was to get started with the fair bit of masking required around the collar piece on the horse.  I chose to give it a metallic look with a bronze base and a chrome contrast.  I used a dark red enamel highlighted with a pink pearl for the tassels to keep with Kanu’s pink and red color scheme.



Here are a few close-ups of the collar.




The next challenge was to paint the blankets.  I had to be careful with the textures, as the middle one would be gold and this had to be painted last. If I put masking tape on it to paint other parts the metallic look would be compromised.So, the sequence would be to paint the lower blanket first, then the top, the the middle gold one.



The following pictures show the final result.





The final step was to attach the stirrups and reins, and the fittings on the horse’s legs.  It was also time to glue the horse’s tail on.  I can’t tell you how many times it fell off when just temporarily inserted, and had to be repainted!



And, of course, a final picture of the completed model.  More pictures can be seen in the Gallery.



Kanu Unchou Sangoku Version (Update 2)

Since my last update I have mostly finished the figure.  The horse is the next step as it only has a base coat at the moment.

I had thought to paint the front of Kanu’s waistband a gloss black color, but when done I didn’t like it.  So I turned it into a chrome metallic which I think is much better.




I had a horrid time painting the gold trim on the boots.  I used Testor’s enamel and it was applied over a high gloss Future coated boot.  The problem is that the enamel is an oil base paint and it tends to slide all over the top of the gloss acrylic.  It does go on, but I had a lot of trouble to try and maintain an even edge.


Kanu’s weapon is painted with a Tamiya bronze and Alclad II chrome.


Kanu’s top is somewhat transparent.  It almost looks like she doesn’t have anything on?  I don’t know if this is PG-13, but then she is also beyond normal for her endowments which is probably also not PG-13.




Here is a picture from the back.  Kanu is indeed wearing a pink top, just in case you thought not.


The next step is to clean up a few minor issues with the figure and then begin work on the horse.  Look for another update in a week or two.  Thanks for visiting.


Update:  Minor issues are now corrected, and here are some more pictures, this time with the horse’s tail!




Kanu Unchou Sangoku Version (Beginning)

It’s been ages since I have posted new work.  But, I actually have been busy.  I acquired a copy of Kanu Unchou in the Sangoku version which is Kanu riding on a horse, and it is an impressive kit.  The horse is one solid cast item that is over 600 grams in weight.  Here are a few pictures of a dry fit that will give you an idea of what the model will look like.





My intention is to paint Kanu in a red and pink color scheme.  I will also give her a blonde hairstyle with blue eyes.  The horse will be a standard brown color.  What follows are a few in-progress pictures.






My next post will show some completion pictures.  Thanks for viewing.


Sturgeon King (Final)

It’s a month later now, early June, and I have finally finished the Sturgeon King model!  I started this work in October of last year so this model has been nine months in the making.  Can you believe it?  I think PKKing painted his in two full weeks.  But, the results must be satisfactory.  This work just won the Gold medal in the Creatures and Alien category of the 2012 Western Canadian Regional Model Contest.

So, here are my final WIP photos.   My last post showed that I was starting work on the human figure.  The following pictures show some finishing results.




What follows are three different views of the human girl’s face and head.





And here she is in full relief.




The next task was to finish the elf face.  This was a little different as her eyes are not open and she needed some eyelashes. These were made from the bristles of a paintbrush.  They were individually picked up with tweezers and stuck to the eye, and trimmed to length with scissors.




And here are a few pictures of the finished elf girl.





And finally, once the little cute bunny-like animals are painted and the base is covered with modeling grass, we have a completed Sturgeon King.




It’s done!  I will eventually take some studio photos with proper lighting and put some finished pictures in the gallery.

Thanks for viewing!


Sturgeon King (Elf)

Hello everyone!  It’s now early May and I have been making some progress towards finishing this model.  I have started the two figures.  One is an elf girl and the other is a human girl.  The elf girl is now mostly finished, except for the final touch ups when everything is  assembled.  I want to try and complete the whole Sturgeon King model by the end of May as there is a local model contest coming up and this can be my entry.

In the progress picture that follow you will see that I have added a little sparkle on the elf girl’s chest and navel.  A darker flesh tone paint had been layered in the cleavage area and under the arms, and the sparkle was applied as part of the shading process by mixing my medium tone acrylic flesh paint with a white pearl.



The next picture shows more of the early shading.   I have layered darker colors in the spine and underarms of the torso and under the knee and in the ankle of the leg.  Light shadows also play a part in providing color variation.



The elf ears are slightly darker and a pink over spray has been applied to the cheeks.  I wanted to add some color and break the monotony of a single flesh tone as can be seen in the background of the very first picture.




I have also made some progress with the elf body.  I used Daler Rowney pearl ink paints for the bikini.  I like these paints because  I find that they provide a wonderful depth to the pearl effect.  The trim is an acrylic silver from Tamiya.




These pictures show the pink pearl I used as a contrast color to the bikini.  I also used Alclad II chrome for the bracelet and anklet, and the fingernails are also chrome.  The Alclad chrome is backed by a gloss black and you can see where I have used this as a contrast for the bracelet by applying the chrome to only the bracelet beads.




The elf girl has a transparent collar around her neck.  I plan to paint the bottom part of this opaque with a bronze or gold metallic color so as to look like cloth.  Tamiya clear blue was applied and then over coated with Future clear acrylic.



With the other figure, the girl’s skirt is a colorful orange and brown.  The piece at the back looks like the cloth and seems to be reasonably coarse, which is nice as I certainly do not want to sand all the crevasses smooth.   But, I did want the color variations to be quite distinct.  This was fun to paint!  The piece is not yet finished as the trim still needs to be applied, but we can see how this will look when it is all done.





The last two pictures show some initial work on the human girl.  Her hat has been painted with Alclad II dull aluminum for a metallic effect.  I also expect to put a little color into the swirls and wash some black into the lines.   I am also  starting work on her torso.




This is where I am at.  I’m happy, it’s coming, so please keep the faith as I expect to show more work in a week!