Marshall McLuhan saidThe Medium is the Message.
Computers such as the Univac in 1951 were a new medium.
The first computer I programmed was a PDP-8 in 1969, in BASIC.
The first problem I solved was multiplication of numbers of unlimited size.
The first mainframe for which I generated an operating system was a Univac 1106.
Later, in 1995 I began to consider the limits of computing and computational intractability.

All of this prompted me to write a short series of slightly humourous vignettes.
You might find it interesting to read my Intractable Problems.

This website was first established in 1995 as William Miles Home Page.  It was used as my research forum for exploring web communication.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

In the 1990’s one of my interests was to explore the use of imaging and graphics on the Internet.  Sailor Moon was popular so my research considered information content and the transfer performance of 16 color versus 256 color images.  In 1995 I developed the Charmed Sailor Moon Image Clips website. I used Japanese animation reduced color images for the information set.

My work used Java applications to facilitate web enabled computing.  This led me to the Kisekae Set non-procedural event model that was first introduced as a Japanese graduate thesis in 1991. I adopted this model to explore new image interactions and data compression techniques.

The Kisekae model was incomplete and lacked a formal foundation for the syntax and semantics of image manipulation.   I developed UltraKiss as an implementation of the Kisekae Set model and attempted to refine the model to reduce inconsistencies in specification.

Later, in 2002, Kisekae World was established as a website to distribute UltraKiss.  UltraKiss was the first platform independent Java software developed to modernize and improve the Kisekae Set model.

In 2004 my goal was to consider algorithms for transitioning the Kisekae Set model into 3-dimensional renditions of anime paper dolls.  To explore these types of images I built 3-dimensional anime resin figure models.

In 2006 development of UltraKiss was suspended.   Kisekae World evolved into a more personal web site where I now display my modeling work and other topics of interest.

In 2009 this site transitioned to PHP server content management using Gallery and WordPress technology.  This site is now a limited experiment to present quality photographic images of my figure modeling work.

In 2012 this website moved to a new hosting provider and was completely refreshed.

This site will continue to explore interactive communication using innovative technology.  For example, the colorful images at the top of many pages of this site are photographs of various nebula and galaxies from the Hubble telescope; truly amazing for this time. 

In 2013 this website began to explore 3D visualization. If your computer has a graphics processor and you are using a compliant browser then this site will use WebGL technology to render dynamic mathematical functions in the header area of some pages.

My work on natural language processing and automated reasoning is also pending.

I appreciate your support and comments regarding my work.  Feel free to browse this site.  Please send  a comment.  Not many people do.