Kanu Unchou Sangoku Version (Final)

Well, it is now December.  I don’t know why it takes me so long to finish things?   But, I have finally completed Kanu’s horse.  It was not a particularly difficult task, but more so a question of focus.  There were many times that I did a little work on this, and then got distracted or stopped work.  Perhaps the problem was that it all began with a fairly uninteresting base coated brown horse.



I began by darkening the horse’s mane and tail while thinking about a base.  The difficult part was to get started with the fair bit of masking required around the collar piece on the horse.  I chose to give it a metallic look with a bronze base and a chrome contrast.  I used a dark red enamel highlighted with a pink pearl for the tassels to keep with Kanu’s pink and red color scheme.



Here are a few close-ups of the collar.




The next challenge was to paint the blankets.  I had to be careful with the textures, as the middle one would be gold and this had to be painted last. If I put masking tape on it to paint other parts the metallic look would be compromised.So, the sequence would be to paint the lower blanket first, then the top, the the middle gold one.



The following pictures show the final result.





The final step was to attach the stirrups and reins, and the fittings on the horse’s legs.  It was also time to glue the horse’s tail on.  I can’t tell you how many times it fell off when just temporarily inserted, and had to be repainted!



And, of course, a final picture of the completed model.  More pictures can be seen in the Gallery.