Sturgeon King (Elf)

Hello everyone!  It’s now early May and I have been making some progress towards finishing this model.  I have started the two figures.  One is an elf girl and the other is a human girl.  The elf girl is now mostly finished, except for the final touch ups when everything is  assembled.  I want to try and complete the whole Sturgeon King model by the end of May as there is a local model contest coming up and this can be my entry.

In the progress picture that follow you will see that I have added a little sparkle on the elf girl’s chest and navel.  A darker flesh tone paint had been layered in the cleavage area and under the arms, and the sparkle was applied as part of the shading process by mixing my medium tone acrylic flesh paint with a white pearl.



The next picture shows more of the early shading.   I have layered darker colors in the spine and underarms of the torso and under the knee and in the ankle of the leg.  Light shadows also play a part in providing color variation.



The elf ears are slightly darker and a pink over spray has been applied to the cheeks.  I wanted to add some color and break the monotony of a single flesh tone as can be seen in the background of the very first picture.




I have also made some progress with the elf body.  I used Daler Rowney pearl ink paints for the bikini.  I like these paints because  I find that they provide a wonderful depth to the pearl effect.  The trim is an acrylic silver from Tamiya.




These pictures show the pink pearl I used as a contrast color to the bikini.  I also used Alclad II chrome for the bracelet and anklet, and the fingernails are also chrome.  The Alclad chrome is backed by a gloss black and you can see where I have used this as a contrast for the bracelet by applying the chrome to only the bracelet beads.




The elf girl has a transparent collar around her neck.  I plan to paint the bottom part of this opaque with a bronze or gold metallic color so as to look like cloth.  Tamiya clear blue was applied and then over coated with Future clear acrylic.



With the other figure, the girl’s skirt is a colorful orange and brown.  The piece at the back looks like the cloth and seems to be reasonably coarse, which is nice as I certainly do not want to sand all the crevasses smooth.   But, I did want the color variations to be quite distinct.  This was fun to paint!  The piece is not yet finished as the trim still needs to be applied, but we can see how this will look when it is all done.





The last two pictures show some initial work on the human girl.  Her hat has been painted with Alclad II dull aluminum for a metallic effect.  I also expect to put a little color into the swirls and wash some black into the lines.   I am also  starting work on her torso.




This is where I am at.  I’m happy, it’s coming, so please keep the faith as I expect to show more work in a week!