Sturgeon King (Seat)

Back in December when I finished the Sturgeon King serpent I had thought to be able to show you some work on the mushroom seat.  Well, here we are in April and I finally have found some time and motivation to continue work on this fine model by PKking.

So, here are some pictures!


I finished this piece in a brown, earthy tone, as I think this will blend with the base that the figures will sit upon.  The mushroom seat (is there a better name for this?)  is mostly finished with Tamiya and Alclad metallics.  I had originally used a Tamiya titanium silver base coat for this, but the silver color didn’t really work as I thought it was too similar to the serpent’s metallic wing.  So I shaded the front and top of the seat with Tamiya bronze, and then put Alclad II copper on the top to introduce a more metallic red color shading. The Alclad copper also provides a better metallic depth and reflection to the piece.

The back of the mushroom seat was not darkened with the bronze, but instead the silver base was colored with Alclad II green to blue prismatic paint.  This gives a generally green metallic over tint to the piece that can transition to a darker blue depending on how you look at it.  The same prismatic paint was also applied to the top of the seat and this is what is giving the varied shades and slight reflective sparkle to the piece.

Alclad II pale gold was lightly sprayed on some of the textured swirls in the piece to bring them out.

All in all, I’m happy with the result.







As you can see in the last photo I now have the figures primed.  The next step is to start to paint and assemble them.  I have some well needed vacation time coming up over the next little while, so hopefully I can show more progress without another lengthy wait!