Hackers or Gremlins

Happy New Year! Well, 2012 has begun with a bang. Shortly after noon on January 2 all my Gallery 2 data was trashed unexpectedly. Now, this is either hackers, or someone doing something on my hosted web service site, or some unseen glitch in the Gallery 2 software.

This must be a sign that I need to spend some time to upgrade to Gallery 3. I has been planning to rebuild my Gallery implementation anyway, so this is not necessarily all bad. I want to centralize on a standard maximum image size and reload the albumns.

It’s time to do this. Please be patient as this work begins. Page caching is off for the moment so performance may suffer.


January 3, 2012: Gallery 3 is not installing. It fails with a 500 server error code attempting to run the install script. The Apache version on my hosting service is version 2.0.52 and Gallery 3 requires Apache 2.2. This may be the issue.

Gallery 2 is being reinstalled. Let’s just think of this as a major engine overhall.


January 4, 2012: I found this in the Gallery2 security section while doing some research yesterday.

A shared webserver that runs all PHP scripts under the same generic user and not under the specific account’s user can only be secured in a limited way.

Reality check: Most shared webhosting plans fall into the above category and we hear from incidents like a Gallery 2 that was somehow deleted over night only very rarely, maybe once a year. So it isn’t as bad as it sounds. The chance being on a webhost with a malicious customer should be really small.


January 6, 2012: All the China photos, Utah photos, and PKking resin model construction photos are restored. One benefit of this work is that all images now contain EXIF information and will have consistent display sizes. One liability of this restoration is that all descriptions and keyword tags for the images have been lost. I will try to recover descriptive inforormation for the gallery folders.


January 8, 2012: Resin model photographs are being restored. Please be patient.


2 thoughts on “Hackers or Gremlins

  1. are you using the latest Gallery 2.3.1 codebase? then again, the glitch may not be Gallery itself but the hosting environment and your shared hosting neighbors. 🙂

  2. Yes, it’s the latest Gallery 2.3.1. I suspect the issue was something on the hosting service. It’s not the first time.

    Still not quite finished putting everything back in the Gallery.

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