Sturgeon King (Serpent 2)

Well, it is now mid-December, and as promised I have finished the serpent on the Sturgeon King model. I sprayed some green to blue Alclad II prismatic paint along the belly of the serpent to add some additional shading and texture. The Alclad II prismatic paints have an interesting effect whereby they change color a bit depending on the angle at which you are looking at the model. You should be able to see the slight green tint reflecting off the scales in some of the pictures.


The following pictures are some close-ups of the serpent’s face. The creature has little beady eyes that I presume just had to be red, and a number of tiny little teeth just waiting to bite something. I washed some black enamel into the nose lines to draw this feature out, and also into the spirals in the things in the head that I had famously tried to paint in a copper color. I also added a little more purple pearlescent color to the scales on the top of the head as I thought this color should continue on from the back. There is a little gold enamel trim in the ear wings, and the two antenna on the head were done in the Alclad gold oversprayed with white pearl as I did with the wings.


There you go. The serpent is done.

My next posting should be in a week or two. We’re into the holiday season now and I have some time off work, so I should be able to find more time to continue working on this model. My plan is to start work on the mushroom seat (if that is what we call it).