Sturgeon King (Serpent 1)

Now it is early December and I have started work on the serpent. I am not finished, but I thought I would post some progress pictures.

I had mostly intended to follow PKking’s original color scheme as it made sense. The serpent is rising from the water and the base of the creature should be of a blue color, which means that the whole serpent should perhaps be of a blue or gray tint. And, I wanted metallic colors that would shine. The picture below shows the paints that I used. There was a metallic blue from Vallejo Model Air and another blue from Tamiya X13, and a few pearlescent ink paints from Daler-Rowney.

The base of the serpent was colored with standard blue to roughly match the shade of the water. The back of the serpent was sprayed with the darker Vallejo blue.

The head and the inside of the serpent was painted with the Tamiya metallic blue. The fins, or pointy things all along the back of the serpent were painted with the purple pearlescent paint. Now, these Daler-Rowney ink paints are hard to spray as they tend to plug up the airbrush. So, when they come they come in a big rush, and then they stop, and so on. There is not a lot of fine spray control. But, the overspray does leave a wonderful glisten to the metallic paint. Once the purple is on it is shaded and toned with a white pearl overspray.

Now, being creatively silly, I thought that a nice metallic gold Alclad II color on the wings would look good. Boy, was I wrong! But, with every mistake there is always gold in the silver linings. I oversprayed the gold with my wonderful white pearl and came out with a very fine slightly gold tint to the wings which makes them look just like metal.

And then, stupid me, I thought to repeat my mistake by looking for a copper color as highlights on the serpent’s head. Well, this didn’t work any better than the gold. So, I highlighted the top of the head with the blue pearlescent paint. And I covered this copper mess up and highlighted the blue with the white pearl. This is much more satisfactory.

What follows now are a few shots of the serpent on the clear base. There is a lot of brush work still required on the serpent to paint the eyes and teeth and bring out all the detail in the creature. I’ll post some more pictures in a week or two when this is done.