Sturgeon King (Base Construction)

Well, it’s November now. I had hoped to have the base for my Sturgeon King model completed sooner, but sometimes things happen. It’s perhaps better not to rush. But really, I messed up. I had to redo some work and this contributed to the delay.

I thought to build a simple oak base for the model. After measuring, it looked like a 12 inch diameter round base would be ideal. However, as you can’t really buy oak boards this wide, the base needed to be put together from two pieces of 1/2 inch thick lumber. The following pictures show how I pinned and glued the pieces of wood together. You will also get to see a bit of my workshop as we go through this.


The next step is to figure out where the model should sit on the base. After marking the location I cut the round base using my jigsaw with a circle guide. Unfortunately, my circle guide wasn’t really big enough for a 12 inch diameter cut and on my first attempt at this the guide slipped. I ended up cutting a spiral and ruining the piece. Nothing could be done but throw it away and try again. Also, in the photo below you can see the LED light that I plan to put in the base. I bought two simple lights at a dollar store. I am only going to use one and the second is a spare.


On my second attempt, after buying new wood and preparing the piece, I finally managed to cut out my 12 inch circle. The next step was to insert the light. I cut a hole in the wood using a circle cutter of the right size for the light assembly and drilled a hole to run the switch out to the side. After a little rewiring all was fine, and I filled the hole with a little plastic resin that I mixed up. The LEDs were protected from the resin pour with a plastic straw.


Of course, I am anxious to see what this will look like. So I decided to assemble the serpent and prime it. Once primed I dry fit the model. The picture below shows part of the process. The serpent was too big to prime all at once, so I did it in two passes.


Here are some preliminary dry fit pictures. The light does indeed highlight the clear resin and I’m pleased to see this. Unfortunately the clear resin is dusty right now. I suspect it will look better when finally finished and properly cleaned.


For my next post I expect to show my work on the serpent. It will probably be another month before I have anything to show. I plan to use metallic paints and trim with gold. Here’s hoping this works out well!