Figma – Mirai Suenaga

Well, as I work with resin figure models, I felt that I just had to support Danny Choo and his Culture Japan site.

One of the wonderful things that Danny does is promote Japanese anime, and he even went so far as to create his own character, Mirai Suenaga. And, Mirai became so popular that they were able to create a figma character for her!


Well, I had to order this. The notion of an anime character that you can set up in your own pose is intriguing to me. And, when I saw what they did with this Itachari bicycle, well, I was hooked! So, I am anxiously awaiting this character to arrive. What follows are a few related pictures.





I even found a kit for the bicycle! I’ve ordered this, too, from a company in Hong Kong. If it arrives I am going to paint and assemble it to have my very own Itachari Bicycle, too!