Hatsune Miku (Beginning)

Almost 6 weeks ago I started a 1/6 scale model of Miku, the Vocaloid virtual diva. This figure was made by Volks a few years ago, I believe. I have really been remiss in not posting this work and for that I apologize.

Hatsune Miku is the computer Vocaloid character that was the first character used for the Miku-Muku Dance software developed in Japan. Miku became very popular as a computer generated singer who could dance.

The first step starts with the parts. We need to wash, prep, and figure out how this kit will go together.

The big pigtails on Miku are actually hollow. This is good, because if they were solid resin they would be far too heavy for the model. My plan is to paint these with a Dailer Rowny pearlescent ink paint. Their standard ‘Waterfall Green’ color is exactly the shade that I am looking for. Their ink paints cover well, although two coats are almost always required.

The photos below show where I am starting to shade the skin tones. The darker color underneath will show when I overspray with a normal lighter color flesh tone. This gives some shading and highlights.

Here is a picture of Miku’s face that is mostly finished. I have placed a slight pearlescent sheen on the skin tones by overspraying with a light coat of a Folk Art white metallic pearl. You can see that this gives a bit of a sparkly texture that I think is appropriate for this model.

Here is Miku’s body. This is supposed to be a metallic color, but the photo shipped with the model kit doesn’t really show this. You need to do some research to validate this. I used a dull aluminum Alcald II paint for this, which I then slightly oversprayed with Alclad chrome to brighten it up.

Miku’s clothing for her arms and legs is gloss black. She is machine generated and we can get away with this type of texture, considering that she is not intended to be completely real. What follows is a pre-assembly shot of her legs (and panties), and another shot of her more modestly dressed.

Here is a final picture of how Miku is progressing. Nothing is glued yet and this is just a preview of how the work is progressing. My next post in a week or so will show the final result.