Alice + Sokrates (Final)

After another weekend I’ve managed to finish this model. Whoo-hoo! A base still needs to be prepared, but here are the final work-in-progress pictures. I’ll get some better pictures when I set this up to photograph it properly in a week or so. I have half a mind to replicate the Wonderfest photo that I first showed on the beginning post for this model.

Alice + Sokrates

Perhaps the most complicated piece in this model was the feet and stockings. I followed the basic pattern in the reference photo, except that I did include an extra layer of stripes. I think this adds just a little more variety, as you can see in the picture below. This stripes were painted through masking.

Alice's Stockings

Alice’s body was painted with a Dailer-Rowney pearlescent ink paint. I quite like the way these paints work. This paint usually takes two coats, but it covers well and has a nice depth to the color.

Alice's Dress

In my first posting on this work-in-progress I showed some initial pictures of the cat. I had applied my base coat and overcoated with some pearlescent orange. I mentioned at the time that I thought it was too reflective and I would have to redo the cat. The picture below shows how things finally ended up. I think this brings the cat more into the scene, and I also dusted a little pink color in the ears just for fun.


My final work-in-progress construction picture shows Alice all put together.

Alice and her Cat

And, just to repeat the final result, here is Alice with an AA battery in the picture so that you can get an idea as to the overall size.

Alice + Sokrates