Alice + Sokrates (Update 1)

Well, it’s time to show some progess on this figure model. It’s not too dificult a figure and I’m about half way finished. I have base coated most of the pieces and I am starting to shade and finish the texture. This is where I am …

I’m finished preparing the chair. It’s about how I want it to look. The cat, on the other hand, is a very different matter. I put some orange pearl paint on top of the cat base color and it’s showing up as being too artificial and reflective. I am going to have to tone this down.

Here is another picture of the chair. I used a dark brown/red color called Tuscan from Floquil and shaded with a warm orange. Of course, it is not finished yet. I still have to paint the back and the legs and all the trim pieces that are the wooden chair frame.

What follows are a few work-in-progress pictures. You can see how the chair shading progressed, and the cat, too. I’ll show the painting of the eyes in my next post.