Miku Miku Dance Software

This is a placeholder for a posting on MMD – Miku Miku Dance – the software used to make the Vocaloid animations. I will expand on this as I gain more understanding.

If you want to know who Hatsune Miku is and what Miku Miku Dance software and Vocaloid software is all about, watch this video.

Much of the information related to the Miku Miku Dance tool can be found on the VPVP Wiki. The untranslated original site is here.

The Miku Miku Dance software can be downloaded from the Vocaloid Promotion Video Project.

I have posted the YouTube tutorial video links here for convienience.

This is a video of the 3D rendering of Miku from Tripshots. What is interesting is that he has released a 3D Studio download of his model.