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I assemble and paint anime figure models known as Garage Kits A garage kit is a scale model kit, often of a female anime character, produced by amateur hobbyists. The figure parts are most commonly cast in polyurethane resin. Originally garage kits were produced by dedicated hobbyists using their garages as workshops. As the market expanded professional companies began making similar kits. Sometimes a distinction is made between true garage kits, made by amateurs, and resin kits, manufactured commercially by larger companies..
These are 1/6 or 1/8 scale solid resin sculptures of Japanese anime figures.
Check out my Resin WIP to see how these are made, or my Blog, or my Gallery.
You may find other interesting projects here, too. ;-)
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Bronze Casting

Since 2012 I have been planning to cast anime figures in bronze.  Some of my previous postings have alluded to this plan.

I now have all my equipment in place and I have established a new website to showcase this work. I currently have three projects underway.  Each project has a mathematical theme and utilizes a resin figure.  The project postings show how I am casting and etching and modeling my work. My project categories are:

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Pouring Bronze

Pouring Bronze

Lemmy Miyauchi

Lemmy Miyauchi


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